The MADELEINE project

We provide here the information on the conference presentations prepared by the consortium partners in the framework of the MADELEINE project.

Please note that all open access publications issued from the MADELEINE project are available in the MADELEINE Community on Zenodo.

Multidisciplinary Adjoint-based Optimizations in the MADELEINE Project: Overview and Main Results

Presenter: Michaël Méheut from the French Aerospace Lab, ONERA

A data-driven scalable MDO problem to compare MDO formulations

Presenter: Matthias DeLozzo from IRT Saint Exupéry

Pave the way to robust aerostructure wing shape optimization

Presenter: Gilbert Rogé from Dassault Aviation

Unsteady Adjoint Method for Aeroacoustic Propeller Optimization

Presenter: Bambang Soemarwoto from the Netherlands Aerospace Centre, NLR

Low-Noise Blade Design Optimisation for a Transonic Fan Using Adjoint-Based MDO Approach

Presenter: Long Wu from the University of Southampton

Multidisciplinary Optimisation of High Pressure Turbine Blade Tip With Turbine Inlet Capacity and Stage Reaction Constraints

Presenter: Luka Vincekovic from the University of Sheffield

On the Benefits of Engaging Coupled-Adjoint to Perform High-Fidelity Multipoint Aircraft Shape Optimization

Presenter: Romain Olivanti from Airbus Operations

Gradient-enhanced least-square Polynomial Chaos expansions in Aeronautics

Presenter: Tiziano Ghisu from the University of Cagliari

Towards industrial aero structural aircraft optimization via coupled adjoint derivatives

Presenter: Marco Carini from the French Aerospace Lab, ONERA

Comparing Two Multidisciplinary Optimization Formulations of Trimmed Aircraft Subject to Industry-relevant Loads and Constraints

Presenter: Mohammed Abu-Zurayk from the German Aerospace Center, DLR

Multidisciplinary ADjoint-based Enablers for LargE-scale Industrial desigN in aEronautics: Project Overview
Presenter: Michaël Méheut from ONERA

Presenter: Morteza Monfaredi from the National Technical University of Athens

Aggregated formulation of geometric constraints for node-based shape optimization with Vertex Morphing
Presenter: Armin Geiser from Technical University of Munich
Structurally Constrained Aerodynamic Adjoint Optimisation Of Highly Loaded Compressor Blades
Presenter: Cleopatra Cuciumita from the University of Sheffiled

Global Optimisation of a Transonic Fan Blade Through AI Enabled Active Subspaces
Presenter: Diego Lopez from the Università degli Studi diCagliari
  • 12-16 April 2021: 14th European Turbomachinery Conference (ETC14)
Continuous Adjoint Shape Optimization of Internally Cooled Turbine Blade
Presenter: Xenofon Trompoukis (National Technical University of Athens)
MADELEINE Project: Challenges Of Adjoint-Based Multi-Disciplinary Optimisation In Industry
Presenter: Michaël Méheut (ONERA)

Mesh Independency Of The Vertex Morphing Method For Gradient-Based Shape Optimisation
Presenter: Armin Geiser (Technical University of Munich)

Coupled Adjoint Fluid-Structure Interaction Technique For Flexible Wing Shape Optimization
Presenter: Konstantinos Tsiakas (National Technical University of Athens)

Aeroacoustic Propeller Design Using High-Fidelity CFD And Ffowcs-Hawkins Analogy
Presenter: Bambang Soemarwoto (NLR)

Evaluation And Comparison Of Mesh Deformation Techniques For Industrial Aerospace Applications
Presenter: Alistair John (University of Sheffield)
The influence of parametrisation setup on the constrained adjoint optimisation of transonic fan blades
Presenter: Alistair John (University of Sheffield)

Exploring topology optimisation of high pressure turbine blade tips
Presenter: Luka Vincekovic (University of Sheffield)
Least squares approximation-based polynomial chaos expansion for uncertainty quantification and robust optimization in aeronautics
Presenter: Tiziano Ghisu (University of Cagliari)
Multidisciplinary ADjoint-based Enablers for LargE-scale Industrial desigN in aEronautics
Presenter: Michaël Méheut (ONERA)
Multidisciplinary ADjoint-based Enablers for LargE-scale Industrial desigN in aEronautics
Presenter: Michaël Méheut (ONERA)

CFD based topology optimization for turbine blade tip
Presenter: Jack Cundall (University of Sheffield)

The influence of design space choices on the adjoint optimisation of transonic compressor blades
Presenter: Alistair John (University of Sheffield)

A comparison of different formulations for aero-structural optimization of trimmed transport aircraft
Presenter: Mohammed Abu-Zurayk (DLR)

On the selection of the most appropriate MDO formulation with respect to the problem dimension: application to realistic aerostructure wing design
Presenter: Matthias De Lozzo (IRT Saint Exupéery)

High-Fidelity Adjoint-based Aircraft Shape Optimization with Aeroelastic Trimming and Engine Coupling
Presenter: Andrei Merle (DLR)

Adjoint-based Aerodynamic Optimization of a Business Jet Flexible Wing
Presenter: Konstantinos Tsiakas (National Technical University of Athens)

Adjoint-based optimization for a jet-engine fan blade design
Presenter: Andrea Giugno (Rolls Royce)
Toward An Adjoint Based Aeroacoustic Optimisation For Propeller Noise Reduction
Presenter: Alain Chelius (ONERA)