The MADELEINE project

Adjoint-based aerodynamic design

Projects Topic Funding
AEROSHAPE, VELA Wing design FP5, FP6
Eurolift-II, DeSiReH High-lift design FP6, FP7
SUPERTRAC Laminar flow design FP6
PROPTER, CRORTET Propeller design CS2
ESPOSA Nacelle/air inlet duct design FP7
IODA, FLOWHEAD, ABOUTFLOW Car and turbomachinery aerodynamic design FP7, ITN
SILOET Multi-fidelity optimisation of multi-stage axial compressor CS
ADER Maturation and extension of the elsA adjoint solver ONERA
ACADEMIE Validation and application of the elsA adjoint solver France - DGAC

Multi-physics and multi-disciplinary design

Projects Topic Funding
NACRE Design of innovative Aircraft technologies and concepts FP6
AFSIAL Advanced fuselage and wing structure based on innovative AI-Li alloys CS
LaSciSO Large scale industrial structural management FP7
TOICA Thermal aircraft management FP7
RBF4AERO Design platform aiming at reducing aircraft development costs and delivery time FP7
ANTARES, IRON Multidisciplinary design and optimisation of propeller CS2
AeroStruct Development of MDA/MDO environment Germany - Lufo iV
INSIDE Aerothermal analysis of cooled turbine stages Italy - PRIN

Adjoint-based multi-disciplinary optimisations

Projects Topic Funding
AMEDEO Adjoint-based aero-thermal optimisation of high-pressure turbine and aero-structure optimisation of aircraft ITN
SmartAnswer Smart mitigation of flow-induced acoustic radiation and transmission ITN
ARTEMIS, ARTEMIS II Demonstration of adjoint-based aero-structure wing optimisation France - DGAC

Multi-disciplinary optimisation platforms

Projects Topic Funding
AGILE Aircraft MDA-MDO processes, distributed H2020
MDA-MDO New MDO Methodologies and Tools for Aircraft Design France - PIA
Digital-X, VicToria Virtual Aircraft Design based on High-Fidelity Methods DLR

CAD for multidisciplinary optimisations

Projects Topic Funding
RODIN Structural topology into CAD with manufacturing constraints France - FUI
GHANDI Automatic meshing and geometry creation UK - RCUK
GEMinIDS MDA/MDO for the whole virtual engine. UK - RCUK

UQ and RO

Projects Topic Funding
NODESIM-CFD, UMRIDA Uncertainty Management and Quantification and Robust Design methods FP6, FP7


Projects Topic Funding
AMAZE High-performance metal products manufacturing with Additive Manufacturing FP7
SOFIA Applied research program for metal additive manufacturing. Fives Michelin Additive Solutions joint venture
OPENHYBRID High quality parts produced by both additive and subtractive manufacturing H2020